New Media meets Radio 4

Blue and White Radio 4 logoSo Rajar reckons young people don’t listen to Radio 4. Yet almost all my peers regularly listen.

When I say they listen to Radio 4 I am of course excluding The Archers – if you’re under 30 and enjoy the Archers please let me know. I’d love to fathom why.

Call me cynical, but I also don’t know any Rajar monitors my age either.

Of those youngsters who balk at the idea of listening to Radio 4, their idea is of stuffy presenters talking about something totally unrelated to them who wouldn’t talk to them on a bus. And probably don’t get buses.

So how are young people going to find out that Radio 4 is actually thoroughly modern and talking about the issues and culture that affect us all?

Well, it’s going to jump on the New Media bandwagon. The future of Radio 4 is in online archives, tweeting podcasts, programmes that are sharable across social media.

And hopefully employ some young budding Broadcast Journalists with new media experience…well there’s got to be something that makes young British graduates employable!

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