Q2 Cube Internet Radio: Christmas 2011 Gift Ideas

Today I visited somewhere incredible. It is almost certainly a questionable use of the license fee payer’s money…but the Blue Room at White City is an exciting world.

The capabilities of media devices hooked up to the internet are only in their infancy but they’re already very exciting.

The Blue Room houses the latest technology…but my favourite has to be this little beauty:

The Q2 Cube Internet Radio

It’s wireless, portable, buttonless, totally adaptable and most importantly tactile. You set your four preferred stations using a simple downloadable application then simply turn it over to flick stations.

But how can you adjust the volume without buttons? Pick it up and tilt it up or down. Genius.

Perfect if you’re on the run like me and want to flick stations to avoid the football and shipping forecasts….and also perfect if you have arthritis or poor eye sight.

I want one.

Also in the hub of BBC content consuming:

And much more. Your TV and Radio will be very different by the time you’re watching the London 2012 Olympics.

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