Cheryl Cole in Newcastle

Cheryl Cole came to Newcastle to sign copies of her new album a Million Lights at HMV on Northumberland Street.

Thousands of fans camped overnight to try to get a wristband to see her but only 500 were given out.

Cheryl spent longer than most celebrities on each fan, much to the annoyance of those working the signing but to the delight of fans – even the ones at the back of the queue.

There was lots of singing in the queue once fans got into the record store as Cheryl’s album was on repeat. Many had already heard it every minute from its release at midnight anyway.

Unfortunately the millions of her loyal followers who couldn’t make it were denied hearing what she thinks of being back in her hometown because her people didn’t appreciate the value of scheduling time for her to speak to us Journalists…

But of course I’ll bring it to you anyway!

Cheryl Cole at HMV Newcastle album signing
Cheryl Cole at HMV Newcastle album signing

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