Kielder Marathon

On 6th October hundreds of amateur athletes competed in the Kielder 10K and Run Bike Run events.

And then on Sunday 7th October 1200 pounded the track round the lake for the Kielder Marathon…including me.

But let’s be honest the question we all wanted to know was how easy it would be for someone to hop on the bus?

Last year the marathon got worldwide attention over allegations that the runner who originally came third had been seen on one of the shuttle busses taking spectators and runners who drop out back to the start and finish line.

But organiser Steve Cram says it was good publicity.

So there was nothing but good sportsmanship and the threat of humiliation stopping someone else from doing it this year.

But one runner who was certainly too obvious to cheat was Tony the Fridge. Yes he’s back…after taking on the Great North Run 30 days in a row, he strapped his fridge back on his back for one of Britain’s hardest – but most beautiful – marathons.

I spoke to him before the marathon:

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I am still collecting all the sponsorship money but we’ve raised hundreds for Mind and GIRL India. It was my first marathon and I am very happy with my time of 4 hours 12 minutes, especially since tearing my achillies had me on crutches for a week and a half afterwards!

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