Thunder Thursday Flood Victims Talk to the Council

Flood victims have been telling the authorities what happened to them on the day that’s been dubbed many things, like the Toon Monsoon.

Newcastle City Council held a drop-in day at the Civic Centre to hear what went wrong.

The idea is to work out a plan to stop it happening again.

I was there:

What other councils in our area are doing:

North Tyneside set up what’s called a new ‘task and finish group’. Representatives from the emergency services, Northumbria Water and others have been involved. Feedback from the public’s being taken into account.

Durham Council’s had a few events where people have been asked to come along and have their say on the floods and that information has been collected.

Northumberland Council actually had a meeting on Friday of the Flood Recovery group. They’ve been meeting regularly with the Flood Action Group, emergency services, environment agency and health service to find out what happened and to update their Flood Action Plan. A report is currently being prepared.

Gateshead’s done things internally with debriefs and discussions but everyone who was affected has been able to input into that so people have had their say. Around 5 or 6 families are still not back in their homes.

South Tyneside is also working with key agencies and has sent out 5 thousand public surveys. 5 families are still out of their council houses but should be back by Christmas.

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