Holocaust Memorial Day: “I will be thinking of my sister”

Imagine as an eleven year old being put on a train and sent, on your own, to Britain without speaking a word of English.

Otto Deutsch’s mother queued all night to get him a place on a train to safety just before the outbreak of the Second World War. He never saw her again. Along with his father and his older sister, she was murdered by the Nazis.

He was eventually sent to Morpeth in Northumberland where he was looked after by a Christian family.

On Friday he was guest speaker at an event held by North Tyneside Council to mark today’s Holocaust Memorial day but first he told me his incredible story:

One thought on “Holocaust Memorial Day: “I will be thinking of my sister”

  1. When the campus newspaper at Duke University published a large advertisement by Holocaust deniers, the university’s History Department published a unanimous rebuttal, criticizing the paper for treating such garbage as legitimate analysis.

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