THE INDIA FILES – First Impressions of a naive 18-year-old British girl

I’m sorry this is going to be really quick – the library closes in 10mins. We arrived in Hyderabad on Tueday evening and met Bharavi our representative and his son Abhilash. Bharavi has a lot of wise advise and is a very interesting man! I’ve discovered Indians are very friendly and always smiling! they dont talk without smiling – its lovely! i was very excited about comming to Maris Stella and meeting everyone. we arroved last night and unfortunately i got ill, which isnt great. it has made culture shock a little bit worse and i really miss home but i know this will get better as time goes on and im sure that in a week or two i will be fine! Katie, my partner seems to be coping muhc better and shes so lovely! the sisters, especially sister celine are absolutely lovely they seem to know the best answer to everything! te college is very big and very pretty – there are lots of interesting plants and animals, including lots of lizards that lookm really funny and cartoon-like, especially with the way they sit for ages very still then shoot off very quickly. iv learnt the numbers 1 – 10 and hope to learn more telugu iv got to go but the last thing i will say is that the roads are crazy! right of way is determined by the first person to flah their lights and road markings (esp. lanes) mean nothing! as abilash said “driving in india is like a computer game where you only have one life!” hope you are well, let me know what you are up to, thanks

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