Daily Voice – 17/07/08

A baby was found in a sanitary bin at the Matador building this morning.

Students from the expensive Boston Business College say “there was a terrible dead animal smell for the last two weeks, but we just thought it was plumbing problems so no-one said anything – we just didn’t go in there”.
As the smell worsened, cleaners avoided the bag too. At 3pm yesterday afternoon, Zidney Thembisle of Prestige Cleaning Company said his boss told him to “get the sanitary bin out of the building and dump it with the rubbish”. Finding the bin full of foul smelling blood and fluid, he alerted fellow cleaner Thelma Kana of SaveAll recycling bin cleaners, who was horrified to discover a full-grown newborn baby. Prestige would not comment.

“The identity and circumstances of the alleged perpetrator are being investigated”, says Captain Randall Stoffels of Cape Town Central Police.
Cleaners think it could have been a girl on any floor. Students gossip “there are a few pregnant girls in the college; it would be easy for this to happen late in the quiet afternoons.”
“Security is everywhere – they think the girl got out through the fire escape and now no-one is allowed in or out. Our supervisors won’t tell us anything”.
The number of abandoned children in the Western Cape is rocketing: recent figures produced by the Department of Social Development show around 480 babies abandoned in 2007. In just six months the figure already stands at 432 for 2008.

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