Sex, Porn & Strippers Threatened

A Hackney councillor wants to close strip bars and sex shops.

Chris Kennedy has proposed a ‘nil’ licensing policy on ‘sex establishments’. The father-of-two has made it his mission to clean up Hackney and Shoreditch.

He says he is acting on behalf of residents who feel uncomfortable bringing up children around these businesses.

Object‘, an organisation challenging sex object culture has backed the policy, as part of it’s ‘Stripping the Illusion‘ campaign.

The area is a melting-pot for diverse cultures and artists, many of whom object to this clinical approach.

Hackney has 4 ‘premises for stimulating adult audiences’:

  • The White Horse, Shoreditch High Street
  • Rainbow Gentleman’s Club, Shoreditch High Street
  • Browns, Hackney Road
  • Ye Olde Axe, Hackney Road

The 5th business affected is ‘Expectations’ a sex shop for the gay community on Great Eastern Street. It needs a license because it sells R18 movies.

Selling porn in a licensed shop ensures that the industry is regulated. There are fears that closing licensed shops will increase online porn consumption, which is not so well regulated.

The drafted policy is open to public suggestions until 13th December. A petition is available online and in the premises affected. If successful, it will be implemented in January 2011.

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