Helping the Homeless at Christmas-time

A corporate partnership is calling for Christmas gifts for London’s homeless.

With a cold snap on the way and the biggest snowfall forecast since 1993, London’s homeless are more reliant than ever on sheltered accommodation.

For people like James, knowing the streets to find warmth and food is an art. In the winter months, shelters like St Mungos in Paddington are a necessity. But even these charity shelters cost money, and in a recession, donations are hard to come by.

The Help the Homeless Christmas challenge promotes community involvement in Paddington. They’re asking for Christmas presents of socks, razors and shampoo.

James makes enough from selling the Big Issue for him and his cat Bob to stay in a bed and breakfast. He says he’d love a present:

When you’re a kid, you’re like ‘ah no…socks! But now, I’d love some new socks!

Christmas is a time when many volunteer their time and money for the homeless. To find out more about volunteering in London, got to

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