Hustle no longer on iPlayer

BBC iPlayer…the future of television meets the public service provider.

The result…free, good quality video streaming of all our favourite programmes.

Except now one bright production company seems to have found a way round the public service provider’s monopoly on the lucrative potential of TV on demand.

650,000 people watched Hustle on iPlayer last month, but now not only are episodes no longer available (half way through the current series), the public service provider is actually redirecting users to a commercial site –


  1. Firstly, is it only a matter of time before all production companies decide to sell their VOD rights to streaming sites with pay-walls?
  2. Secondly, there are so many Production Companies vying for a slice of the BBC pie that surely the BBC is powerful enough to make iPlayer showings a part of their commissioning contract?
  3. Finally, is it right that the public service provider is directing users to another private, commercial site, and so giving prime advertising to that site (SeeSaw)?

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