A Story for A Story: Ivor Potter and His 100 Strangers

Back in about November I was treading Northumberland Street voxing for BBC Newcastle…and sneakily eating a pasty…which incidentally Mr Osbourne alienated himself from his budget-funding public by telling us he’d never set foot in a Greggs this week.

A large microphone with ‘BBC’ plastered all over it has a habit of getting you noticed though and on this occasion a shy man came and asked me if he could take my picture.

I’m usually pestering other people and didn’t quite know how to respond to having my own bubble knocked on. He explained his name was Ivor Potter, an amateur photographer taking pictures of 100 Strangers in his lunch breaks.

Amused, I agreed and brushed the crumbs off my red riding hood coat and squinted into the winter sun at his lens.

And then a few months later I met him again while voxing on the Hippy Green and finally saw the photo and the comments:

Broadcast Journalist Fiona Marley Paterson with blonde hair and a red coat with blurred shoppers in the background.


So since he’s told my story, this time he let me turn the mic on him and this is his:

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