Conor Maynard

He’s been heralded as everything from the next Justin Bieber to the next big thing about to spin his way all over the British chart.

But what’s more interesting about Conor Maynard is that he represents a new generation who devote their evenings to attic bedrooms with the door to their parents’ world clamped shut as they pour their teenage soul into a web-cam-enabled laptop in the hope that one You Tube video will catapult them to a room full of parties and record contracts.

This is Conor’s Debut single, Can’t Say No

That’s very Justin Bieber. But check out this 19 year-old Brighton boy’s early stuff. Starting with this beautiful cover of Lee Carr’s Breathe:

And then he did something pretty dreadful. He entered an MTV talent contest. We’ll ignore the embarrassing ‘I’m Cool’ videos to get the reality TV watching populous to vote for him and focus on the good side of the competition…it showed the world he can actually sing before releasing his debut song that I’m secretly enjoying, but mainly for it’s catchy bass. It is – as one critic on 5 Live commented earlier this week with Victoria Derbyshire – generic and rappy and not exactly artistically brilliant. But this is:

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