Kayak Boys Come Home

They’ve done it! Three lads from Northumberland have kayaked anti-clockwise around the coast of Britain.

It’s been a gruelling 93 days for 20 year old Stuart Leslie, his 22 year old brother Craig and 20 year old Lee Wilson, who set off on the 26th of May to raise thousands of pounds for three charities.
They arrived back, where it all began, at the beach at Newbiggen by the sea last night, where our reporter Fiona Marley Paterson was in the crowd to greet them:

Today the three lads from Northumberland who took up the mammoth challenge can relax.

It’s claimed they’re the first people to do it with the ‘land of their left’- and that they’re the youngest people ever to manage it. The boys have done it all for local charities Keyfund, CHUF and Kidney Research UK.

This is the moment the boys came home:

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