Emblematic: North Tyneside Firm Can’t Cope with New Academies Demand

Children across the North East are getting ready to go back to school but for many there’s an added stress this year.

Many schools have become academies and that means a new uniform.

Lots of schools are using the same company based in North Tyneside for their branded uniform but with such a rise in demand this year, Emblematic is struggling to supply them all in time.

Everyday this week the scene in Benton is one of cars abandoned on every verge while their owners wait outside the store on an industrial park in Benton.

I’ve been to see it:

There’s a message on their website that says they’re “extremely sorry we are experiencing problems with our telephone system (including dropped calls that sound as though we are hanging up)”, and they’re working to resolve this matter.

The website goes on to say the manager is “really sorry this may be causing frustration and worry. We are completing orders as quick as possible.”

Full statement coming soon.

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