Tattoo Artists Call for More Regulation

Would you be happy if your son or daughter came home sporting a tattoo? Even if you wouldn’t mind them having one, would you be worried abut the health risks involved?

A group of the UK’s leading Tattoo artists have called for tougher regulation around their industry. They want people to be more aware of the dangers of back street and home inking kits. The group, Tattoo Regulations 2013, is led by celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul and they’re meeting in Liverpool today to discuss how to make people more aware of the dangers.

Here’s my report:

The Department of Health believes new laws are not the answer, arguing some laws are already in place to protect the public. A spokesperson said:

“Laws are already in place for local authorities to regulate the cleanliness and hygiene of tattooing businesses, to protect the public. It is a criminal offence for tattooing and cosmetic piercing businesses to trade without being registered with the local authority, and we would advise people to use a registered tattoo artist.

“We do not believe that further laws are the answer, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more that could be done. Tattoo artists, industry and training bodies and enforcement authorities need to work together to agree standards of good practice and competence for tattooing.”

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