Landslips Threaten Durham Regatta

Rowers in Durham are concerned not enough is being done to prevent landslips on the river Wear.

Durham Amateur Rowing Club says they’ve noticed a series of landslips and fallen trees – and each one seems to destabilise the bank more.

They’re calling on the council and the Environment Agency to investigate why it’s happening and act now to protect the river.

Fiona Marley Paterson reports from Durham:

And then I spoke to member of DARC:

The Environment Agency told me they spend “£20million per year on dredging, de-silting, weed control to clear channels, removing gravel and obstructions from watercourses. But they say their maintenance activity is focused on areas where it will achieve the greatest benefit in reducing flood risk. Dredging is not always the best way to reduce flood risk, and they have to consider whether it is appropriate on a location by location basis.”

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