OS Locate

We all need to get lost sometimes. It reminds us to respect the mountains. It’s humbling to remember how small you are and how easy an adventure can go wrong.

I’m now the proud owner of a free app called OS Locate. It uses your smart phone’s GPS so you don’t need signal and will tell you which grid reference you’re at. It’s my new favourite thing in the world. It’s genius.

FullSizeRender (8)

My recce of part of Leg 3 of the Bob went much better than my last run. Partly because I didn’t allow myself to get too dehydrated or too tired but probably thanks to becoming addicted to knowing exactly where I am at all times. It helped me find a hidden trudge up to Rossett Pike that I needed to find on the Bob route.

It was a beautiful new Spring day in the Langdale Valley and I knew where I was on the peaks at all times, so I didn’t fear the mountains, I loved them and felt at peace in their company.

Fear is good. It makes you learn. But it’s not going to stop the adventure!


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